Water Problems


People using wells as water source only have themselves to depend on when it comes to dealing with any kind of issue with the water. In most cases, they have to install their own treatment systems depending on quality of their water. They have to make use of microbial filters for water that contains microorganisms and iron filters for water that smell and taste like rust. A scale filter is installed when water hardness is an issue. Suffice to say, they are very well-versed when it comes to dealing with water problems.


People in cities and locations serviced by public water companies are so used to having clean and safe water brought to them have no idea what to do when faced with water problems. This seemingly lack of information can put people in danger.


Adjustments in flavor, odor, and color of the water should be reported immediately to the company or government agency tasked with ensuring public safety. Any change in the quality of water indicates a contamination problem. There is something in the water that should not be in it. It is important to stop using the water, particularly for cooking and drinking.


After the problem has been reported, customers must wait for the water company or government agency to fix the problem. If the issue is anticipated to require some time to be fixed, the water company must supply their customers with alternate source of safe water.


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