The Many Effects Of Iron-Contaminated Water

Iron contamination is one of the most common water problems. This water problem is often ignored because iron is non-health threatening. Not many people are willing to go through the trouble of installing a water filter for iron. Many do not know that iron-contaminated water can have serious effects.

A serious effect or iron contamination is the accelerated corrosion of metal pipes. The chemical reaction between the contaminated water and the metal pipes releases dangerous metals into the water. A common corrosion problem involves brass faucets and fixtures that releases copper. Some of these faucets and fixtures also contain lead solder which also gets released into the water and making it very dangerous for consumption.

Water appliances like dishwashers and water heaters can break down faster also due to corrosion. Having these appliances break down can be very troublesome and requires costly repairs.

Iron-contaminated water can ruin clothes, discolor ceramic tableware, and leave ugly marks on the kitchen fixtures. Iron also gives water an awful color, odor, and flavor which can discourage members of the household from drinking the recommended amount of water for staying healthy.

The good news is that iron contamination is not difficult to fix. There are many iron filters out there that perform a wonderful job of removing the contaminant and improving the quality of water. There are even iron filters that are portable enough for traveling.

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