Powder Coating Motorcycle Wheels

Changing the color of the wheels is an excellent way of changing and personalizing the look of your bike. Unlike a full-body paint job, you do not need any permit from the vehicle regulatory agency to make such modification to your bike. It is also quite simple to do. Some people use spray cans and, in most instances, the results are fine.  A popular method nowadays involves the use of air-drying rubber coating. The rubber coating is durable and provides great looking finish, available in matte and gloss. However, if you want professional-grade finish, your best option is with powder coating. You can take your wheels to a shop that performs powder coating or you can do it yourself. Powder coating is actually a very straightforward process, one that you can do on your yard or in your garage shop if you have enough space. It might seem an intimidating process at first, but once you have learned it, you’ll be very happy with how useful powder coating actually is. Professional shops use industrial oven for powder coating. However, you can get by with the use of infrared lamps and infrared camera. You will also need a powder coating gun.

Just like any other finishing process, powder coating starts with surface preparation. Remove the original paint from the wheel using appropriate method for the type of paint. There are paint removal solutions, heat gun, and wire brush to aid you. Do everything you need to not leave any of the original paint. Clean it and sand it as many times as needed until the surface is completely clean.

You can now proceed to ground the wheel. Most powder coating guns come with a grounding kit. The grounding kit delivers electric current to the wheel to magnetize it and make the powder paint stick to it. Proper grounding is needed if you want the best result.