Iron Contamination Can Damage Water Appliances

Iron belongs to the group of nuisance water contaminants. The contaminants in this group do not pose serious threat to health of people consuming the water but can cause other sorts of problems. Because of how iron is non-health threatening, many overlook its presence in the water. Most people only use water filter for iron when the taste of the water gets too bad to drink. Many do not know of the other problems resulting from iron contamination.

water filter

Iron contamination can cause damage on water appliances. The iron particles in the water can bond with other substances and form soil-buildups that can block pipes and other water passages. The blockage can cause problems with pressure and insufficient water supply to components. The chances of pipes bursting is increased. A water heating components could overheat due to insufficient water supply.

Corrosion is another problem caused by iron contamination. The components that hold or come in contact with water are made of rust-proof material or coated with anti-corrosion coating. Iron oxide can make water corrosive even against the rust-proof material. The free particles can also cause physical wear on the anti-corrosion coating.

Iron presence in water is easily detected by tasting the water. But many that have been using iron-contaminated water for a long time get used to the flavor and become unable to distinguish the problem. A water analysis is needed to identify the problem.

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