Bad Odor

bad_smell_of_waterThe bad odor coming from your water indicates the presence of contaminant. When you perceive something as smelling bad, it is your brain telling you to be careful of that something. The first thing you want to do when you notice a bad odor coming from your water is to immediately stop using the water, especially for drinking or cooking. The next step is to contact the water company to inform them of the problem so that they can fix it or provide you with alternative water source. If your water comes from a private well, you need to have someone perform a water analysis to identify the exact nature of the contamination.  The outcome of the analysis will also assists you in figuring out if the issue could be resolved with the use of a water filter.

The contamination of water by  sewage materials is the most common cause of bad odor for those who are using public water.  The limited spaces in cities and places that are extremely urbanize leads to water pipes and sewage systems to be in close proximity with each other. It is very easy for a leaking water pipe to become contaminated by sewage materials.

The problem can be solved by locating the leak and then repairing. However, the repair can take days or weeks depending on the problem. And even quick repairs do not address the fact that you are likely to have drank the water before noticing the bad odor. This is why having a home filter can be very important. A water filter helps keep you and your family safe from the dangers of water contamination.

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