Getting Rid Of Iron Contamination

        Iron contamination is a common water problem. Iron is non-health threatening so its removal is not prioritized. Although iron contamination has no direct effect on health, to say that it is harmless is dangerously misleading. Iron contamination has consequences that justify the use of water filter for iron.   The presence […]

Water Problems

People using wells as water source only have themselves to depend on when it comes to dealing with any kind of issue with the water. In most cases, they have to install their own treatment systems depending on quality of their water. They have to make use of microbial filters for water that contains microorganisms […]

Bad Odor

The bad odor coming from your water indicates the presence of contaminant. When you perceive something as smelling bad, it is your brain telling you to be careful of that something. The first thing you want to do when you notice a bad odor coming from your water is to immediately stop using the water, […]

Removing Acrylamide from Water

Information is your greatest weapon against water contamination. Knowing what to do in case of contamination will help protect you and the people around you. It is unreasonable to expect someone who is not a professional in water treatment to know about all kinds of contaminants. However, it is important to have a basic knowledge […]

Water Filters: Facts You May Not Know

Water filters that are used in the home are mainly used to remove various metals or chemicals.  Examples of substances that can be removed are chlorine or lead.  Sometimes the water filters are used to get rid of harmful substances, and at other times they are used to improve the taste or odor of the […]

Filtering Public Water

Public water is the most practical solutions to providing water to households. The creation of public water supply systems are one of the major developments that helped advanced civilizations. The Roman empire in the past had aqueducts to supply cities with water. Instead of the people spending copious amount of time gathering clean water, the […]

Fluoride in Water

Fluoride is a salt compound that is formed when fluorine combines with minerals commonly found in soil or rocks. It is often added to drinking water by suppliers to promote dental health by preventing cavities and tooth decay. Fluoridation or the adding of fluoride into water is considered to be one of the greatest achievement […]

What are Fecal Coliforms?

The number of kinds of water contaminants are so many that is practically impossible to have a water sample tested for all potential water problems. Instead of testing for specific contaminants, water testing rely on water quality indicators. So what exactly are water quality indicators? Water quality indicators are chemical, physical or other parameters that […]

Overview On Water Filter And Treatment Systems

Water is a basic and indispensable need in life. We need it to keep our body hydrated and for good health. However not all water sources are safe for drinking or cooking. This is the reason why water purification and water treatment systems play an essential role in every community. Homes can either install their […]